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What's the UL speed limit affecting DL (uT1.8.1)?


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I'm using latest final build of uTorrent.

In uTorrent 1.8.0 when you changed upload speed per torrent below 5kbps, then it limited your download speed around 25kbps. Anything over 5kbps for upload PER torrent (i'm referring to right clicking torrent and changing the speed setings) didn't affect download speed.

What's the exact number for uT1.8.1?

I've tried to mess with differents numbers, as far as i've seen is that anything below 20kbps for upload seems to limit download speed.

And yes, i tested it in private trackers for torrents having speeds over 500-600mbps.

So, keep in mind all that it's not the same setting as when you change it in Preferences. Per torrent the changing affects limits differently.


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