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just don't understand


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ok i'm fairly new to all this torrent thing. I'm downloading from piratebay and i'm registered... what is considered a leecher for one thing... how am i supose to get a file if people think i'm leeching. i'll seed whatever i download. well forget about that my problem is i don't understand these settings. i have u torrent 1.4.. i've tried several settings.... i've came about one that is giving decent download speeds, but the setting doesn't make sense to me, cause i seee other people that they use this setting i've tried it at those settings.. i believe i have a 10mbit connection i did a speed test i get around 2000 or 3000 mbit.. so maybe it's 3mbit download and i get around 600 mbit upload in the speed test but when i use utorrent or any other torrent prog. i see my download very low and my upload even worse. my download keeps going up and down between 0 - 30 kb/s and my upload is like 0 - 7 kb/s and thats on my good setting to get my download up.. nothing will change with my upload to whatever i set the thing at. my upload is always slow. sometimes once in awhile i'll get one person download from me at like 30k/s or more... but usually it's at 1.5 k/s or less.. network options currently at global max upload = 75kb/s

global download rate = 0 alternate upload rate not checked. enabled upnp. For Torrent options are

global max num = 150 max # per peer = 80 num upload slots 1 max # of up/down slots = 3 max num of download = 1. enabled scrapping, dht, and dht for new. i've used speed guide and tried different settings. and all don't give the performance of what settings i have there.. i have no clue why? is there something wrong or what?

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i've change some settings.. i'm now come to think alot of people manage there connections so downloading is slow. so they can get better downloading for themselves. my dn just now is around 20 - 30 kbs/s and upload is going at 50 - 60 kb/s a sec.

think i figured it out getting close to 50 - 60 download and close to 80 to 100 upload... it was my opon port i choose one that was not good for my internet.. the port forwarding i'm using now is great... cheers to all.

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>>> num upload slots 1

Try 10-20 upload slots if you really have that kind of bandwidth. :)

I'd never run less than 3-4 upload slots so that the choker mechanism can do something useful with the unused bandwidth between chokings. You might also check the "Use additional upload slots if rate < 90%" checkbox in: Settings->Torrent options.

If you're only running 1-3 torrents at a time, you should be able to hold 5-10 peers with your upload rates to them at least 3-30 KB/s all the time. That will prompt them to start sending you more DL bandwidth in return.

Also, I've seen various versions of utorrent get goofy when I set unlimited upload bandwidth and expected utorrent to add more upload slots as needed. Try capping the upload rate at a very high value and see if utorrent can calculate the choking better.

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