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seeds show 0(###) after dl is complete


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i have a couple of questions for you veterans since i'm new at utorrent.

when i'm finished downloading a file my utorrent client will show zero of however many seeds are out there. for example, seeds 0(243), peers 57(576).

at this point i continue seeding but does this mean that all those peers are leachers? downloading off of my seeded file?

what happened to all the other seeds that were there when i started the download? for example, mininova will show Share ratio: Average 8337 seeds, 17364 leechers but when i'm done downloading the file and now seeding it, all those other seeds are not displayed in my client.

btw, my router is port forwarded correctly, my dl speed is also set up ok and my speeds are good. i was stopping the file from uploading in utorrent because i thought i was the only seed left.

hmmm? the reason i brought this up is that i don't want to get banned from dling files from sites because i'm not seeding.

also, how would i know if i got banned from a site and how would i get unbanned if i screwed up by accident?

any help in understanding why seeds go to 0 when my dl is finished will be appreciated. sorry about the long post.



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thanks for the quick reply moogly! :)

how about the seeding time limit. ie, how long should i seed? i can't find any info on mininova, or piratebay or other sites, on how long users should seed before being banned

if i'm seeding for 24 hours for example, will comcast start tweaking my bandwidth down?

mmm... beer...

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It's depends on how you're polite & gentle. :D

On public trackers like TPB, many (pure) leechers do hit & run but it's bad for the global speed and the lifetime of torrents. Anyway you can seed to ratio 1.0 if the torrent has an acceptable size.

On private trackers ratios are implemented and the seeding is stronger.

But many ISP cut the bandwith or cap the DL/UL amount per month, so adjust your seeding in function of these elements.

In addition it's better to seed rare and unpopular torrents, especially if you like this torrent! :)

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hi their,,,,,

i h read about the utorrent in these types of Forum n many othere source,,,,i know that how much i download i should upload that much or little higher,,,,,,

See my total upload ratio is 1.203 i h seeded some torrent at 2.0 ratio i think two torrents so far,,,,,and some torrents at 1.25 or 1.5 ratios,,,,,i m very aware that we should maintain our ratios as well,,,,,,,two years back i used Torrent only for donloading, i didn't knew we h to upload as well, now i know n i m maintaing my ratio,recently i came across forum (like this) where people mention that their total upload ratio is 18.025 or 10.025 some thing like that,,,,,n i think that is super huge n they also mention that their download speed is 1 or 2 mb/s,,,,,,,

At that bandwith i would be able download 800mb file in 2-3 hrs right n i think thts great,,,

Bottom line is how do people get so much bandwith,,,,wether its by maintaing upload ratio or something else,,,,,,

Please some experienced Torrent user can throw some light in it,,,,,,what m i doin wrong,,,,,,i hvn't changed my setting so far,,,,,i think its really delicate matter,,,,

So far i h downled 4 files n my ratio for each file n will seed in return for that,,,,,

What i really want to know is how much my "Total upload Ratio" h to be,,,,

Please anyone can give their review,,,,it would be a great help.........expecting reply soon,,,,,,,,


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To Zopfan and thelittlefire,,,,,,,, =)=) plz help me out,,,,,,

i really want to know this ,,,,,i know now tht my total upload ratio is not that important but what is important is that i seed after every torrent is complete,,,i love to seed n i always seeded when my ratio is 1.5 or when it reaches 1.543 something like tht......i h got to maintain till its 1.5 but my main concern is that the seeding would not stop after it reaches 1.5 ratio n it keeps on seeding and i go to the option n at queueing i keep the ratio to 150% and the seeding time to 90 minutes n i generally switch the option to shutdown the computer when everything completes,,,,,

I h till now downloaded more than 10 torrents n h sincerely maintained my ratio to 1.5 ratio but i also h read in forums like this that we would be rewarded by getting more bandwitdth (sorry for the spellig) but tilll now i would only get only around 28kbs sometime 30kbs it fluctuates a lot but generally it stays at 25-27-28 kbs.....

i h read people mentioning they get 44kbs or 1000kbs i really also want that much bandwith,,,,i h sincerely uploaded or seeded n always always maintainded my ratios,,,,,,,i really really dont know what to do,,,,,,what am i doin wrong plzzzzzzzzzzz somebody help me,,,,,,,what should be my seeding option specially the ratio % and the seeding minute ,,,,,,,,,,,,,plz dont not tell me to read the faq of utorrent ,,,,,,i think only experianced members or torrent users know the answer,,,,,,,any reviews or reply would be a great help,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,=)=)

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It's not your first warning about multiposting. Why do you posted the same thing here:




And stop using this stupid comma, use a stop . to finish your sentences, it's really horrible to read, nobody will answer you in such a case!

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"When you become a seed, the other seeds are disconnected to your client. No interest to upload pieces to... a client who has 100% of the torrent."

I conceptually understand that, but have a related question about it. Let's say that I'm seeding 3 torrents which have very few active seeds, five or less each, perhaps, and there are active peers for each of the three.

I've always wished that there was a way that I could know how many of the seeders were actually online for each torrent once I've become a seeder myself; using my example, if there were 3 or 4 seeders actually online for each of two of the torrents, but I was the ONLY seeder online for the third torrent, I'd bump the Bandwidth Allocation up to 'High' for it to help-out the peer(s) on that particular torrent.

Does anyone know of any 'trick' method which I could utilize to deduce such "how many seeds are online NOW" information for this situation?

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