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RS episode list partial populating


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sory for the double post on this but i was having a problem with episodes and i think i figured out why it's not downloading properly - because in the rss feeds, it only lists about 25 or so episodes starting from the most recent. i'm trying to get the older ones. i see them in the tvrss.net search, but they are not coming through the list in utorrent?

to clarify how i'm adding rss feeds. i go to tvrss and search for a show e.g., lost. it brings up the search results with a list of all the episodes going all the way back to 1x1. i right click and copy the link on the "search-based rss feed" at the top of the search result list.then swith to utorrent, click add rss feed.it is prepopulated with the copied link. i set an alias, leave the do not auto download button selected. it lists out about 25 or so of the episodes, not the entire list from tvrss? so when i set up my favorites filter for older shows, they do not exist in the feed and are not downloaded

any help is much appreciated

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I am having this exact issue - basically everthing works great about the RSS feed, but I cannot see beyond the 30 most recent episodes.

I can only access part of the last season of the show i'm interested in due to this. Am I overlooking a setting limiting the list to 30 or so entries?

All of my feeds do this.

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