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Another BSOD - MRVW13B.sys responsible


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Hey guys,

this has been happening for over a year now, and after many many tweaks to uTorrent some of which have helped a little bit, I am still getting regular BSODs in Vista when uTorrent is running.

- Network card is a Wireless NETGEAR WG311v3 54Mbps PCI Adapter

- It only happens when uTorrent is running

- Crash dump analysis always points to the MRVW13B.sys which is the wireless card driver that Vista assigns it

- I have updated to the latest card drivers

- My chipset (P35/G33) drivers are up to date

- BIOS is up to date (crashes have happened since my chipset and BIOS were out of date but updating hasnt helped)

- The crashing can 'sometimes' be made more frequent if I run something like WMP or Winamp at the same time. I say 'sometimes' as I cannot replicate the problem consistently, but Vista will not BSOD as quickly if left to its own devices (although it will eventually)

- BSODs seem to be happening whilst there is more traffic coming through the application (makes sense being the network driver falling over)

- I started out with uTorrent default settings for a 2Mb line as I didn't want to push it to the next option, 10Mb as I have an 8Mb line. I have since tweaked my settings from various tutorials on the net, including information I have found here.

Things that I have changed in the application:

- I have updated my tcpip.sys correctly

- I have changed my net.max_halfopen connections to 100

- I have changed my net.outgoing_port to 50

- I have changed my net.wsaevents to 25

My current settings are:

- Set to port forward

- Enable NAT-PMP port mapping

- Global Upload Rate = 70kB/s

- Global Download Rate = 0

- Global Max number of connections = 450 (lowered several times from around 800 which caused crashing more frequently)

- Max number of connected peers = 50 (again, lowered from a higher figure)

- Number of upload slots per torrent = 15 (lowered from a higher figure)

- Enable DHT Network

- Enable DHT for net torrents

- Enable Local Peer Discovery

- Ask tracker for scrape info

- Enable Peer Exchange

- Forced outgoing protocol encryption with ticked 'Allow incoming legacy connections'

- Max number of active torrents and active downloads are both set to 15

My download speeds are fine really... I might be able to tweak a bit more, but currently this is as stable as I have gotten uTorrent in Vista. I am sure its my network card doing this but I haven't got a spare to test... I could always try plugging my PC direct into my router (removing the wireless factor) but I need to acquire some more CAT5 as I have given it away over the years as everyone tends to collect it and never end up using it lol.

I'm not an expert in uTorrent. I work 3rd level support in MS and Citrix etc so I can trouble shoot and follow instructions fine, but my settings are basically based upon several different uTorrent speed / config tutorials which I've tuned down due to higher rates of crashes...

If anyone can shed any light, or suggest any new settings / see anything way off in my settings, I would appreciate very much being pointed in the right direction...

I have a suspicion that my network card isn't handling high connections... BSODs continually point to the network driver in every dump analysis I run through the dumpchk.exe util from sysinternals. After googling around, the MRVW13B.sys looks like a common file which Vista assigns to network cards but I'm not sure... there seems to be ways of forcing the cards to use the card manufacturers drivers instead (speculation in a few unfinished forum posts I found) but every time time I try to install or re-install the driver (have even done the old device manager > delete driver > then re-install from .dll's) I keep getting the MRVW13B.sys one back (although I might be wrong with my guess above and this could be working as expected).

Any help would be fantastic. I love uTorrent, and I'll be damned if this problem will pester me any longer!



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Thanks Firon, I had a feeling it would be something along those lines. I will try hard wired. Don't suppose you are aware of any really decent wireless cards?? The one I have is only a cheapy PCI jobby, although I would still be taking a gamble buying a newer more expensive card if it didn't fix the problem.



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- I started out with uTorrent default settings for a 2Mb line as I didn't want to push it to the next option, 10Mb as I have an 8Mb line.

Sadly, you do not have an 8 megabit/second or even 2 megabit/second UPLOAD line. :(

Your line is highly asymmetric and probably has 1 megabit/second upload speed at most.

What's your REAL upload speed for your connection?

2nd link in my signature matches uTorrent settings to upload speed max.

FYI: net.max_halfopen should not be more than 80% the max limit allowed in tcpip.sys and is BEST if not set over 8 unless you are on a very fast line running many torrents at once...and NOT using wireless.

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Switeck thanks for your reply, I realised that shortly after posting that uTorrent is meant to be set by the max UPLOAD speed... DOH! Thanks for the pointer though.

I now have a 16mb connection with a 1mb upload, and guess what? It still crashed BUT when I moved to Vista 64 Ultimate, the problem hasn't happened once... I simply do not get the MRVW13B.sys BSOD, ever :D

Thanks for your help guys. Wanted to post this in case some other poor soul gets this on 32bit Vista


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Make sure your total upload slots never exceeds about 1/3 your upload speed.

So if you're uploading at 90 KB/sec, you shouldn't use more than 30 upload slots.

This is not per-torrent, this is globally.

So if you have 10 active torrents, that's only 3 upload slots PER torrent.

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