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Seeding to the only peer


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I want to somehow set up utorrent to work the way that it could seed only to a dedicated peer. I have quite limited upload and want to use it as much effectively as possible. I have another PC, on fast channel, which I wanna use like a seed box, so I will start torrent on both, mine and seedbox PC, and sendbox will DL the torrent from me, and leeches will DL from seedbox.

Is it somehow possible with utorrent or I have to check out some other torrent client?

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Your slower PC is the limiting factor, so I don't understand the interest to seed from your PC to seebox then seedbox to external peers, especially if it's at the same time.

Maybe use superseeding to don't waste your bandwith from your slow PC.

Anyway if you have a real seedbox, use a FTP client to upload contents from your local PC to seedbox then seed.

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There are some reasons.

1) Initial Seeding starts up quite slowly until there are about 3-4 connectable peers with good upload speed.

2) Seeding from seedbox from start will give better ratio even with slow speed of source PC.

3) It takes time to upload content via FTP before start seeding, especially if a torrent is big. In my scenario I can start seeding from seedbox PC immediately.

Is it possible with ipfilter.dat to disable the whole range of addresses except the one I need? Like if imagine my seedbox thing IP is (for example), could I use,160,[LN],160,[LN]


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Yep but if you take 5min per 2MB piece to upload from your PC to your webseed, external peers will wait almost the same time...

Maybe use ipfilter.dat with your local client, ban the whole web but not the IP of your seedbox (or add it in Peer tab). I dunno if that works. :D



where XXX.XXX.XXX.XX2 is your seedbox IP.

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