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New build pc , new OS , , speeds dropped off dramatically ? ?


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Hi all, ,

Have been using utorrent for a good few years now and have been lucky enough to NOT have had many problems setting up before.

I have just built a new pc and this time installed vista x64 instead of stand 32 bit variety.

For some reason, i am now only downloading at between 2 and 10kb/s , , dont know whats wrong.






Can anyone help me to set up properly again as i cant remember how to do it ? ?

My previous download speeds were fantastic on my older slower system, i cant understand what i am doing wrong, it probably something i have got disabled or enabled.

Many thanks.


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Hi Harold thanks for your reply, ,

As you can see from my post, , i have vista premium x64bit , not xp64bit ! ! !

Iam sure your xp x64 is fine, but i have run utorrent at great sppeds with vista for 3 yrs or more , i have only gone up to x64 with this new build and if anything ,with my quad core and 4gb of ram, i expected blisteringly fast speeds.

I am not going to downgrade to xp just for utorrent and i am sure there is a way to get round these dreadfully slow download speeds.

I am only downloadind 2 cds , , used to take 15 minutes on my old slow system , they have been downloading for over hour and a half at present and stillsome time to go before completed !

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(quote) "As you can see from my post, , i have vista premium x64bit , not xp64bit ! ! !"

As you can see from my post, that is exactly what the problem is!

UPgrading to XP will solve all Vista problems, choosing the x64 version will enable it to use all your RAM.

How exactly did you use Vista for 3 years or more? It has only been around for just over 2 years (including beta)

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QUOTE: Upgrading to xp will solve all vista problems .

When you already have vista , you cannot UPGRADE to xp , , you can only DOWNGRADE to xp from vista.

I have upgraded from vista home premium to vista home premium " x64bit ", , exactly to enable me to utilise 4gb of ram or more ! ! !

I was a beta tester for vista prior to its genral release , and if not 3 yrs, then pretty damn close to it , , , sorry if that was a little misleading , , but it does appear that you are a little slow anyway , ,maybe you should think about upgrading yourself a little, , you know, , get a life, , , , !

If you havent got anything constructive to add to this post, then piss off and get back to rear ending your sister or something.

Regards , , kev

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Yea very nice.. I beta tested Vista also.. And believe me - going from Vista to XP is upgrading. Not in version numbers, but in quality. And that's what you want; you are complaining about Vista right now.

I also have 4GB ram and therefore I use XP x64.

It will help, so it is constructive as well..

Anyway.. it won't hurt to post a hijackThis log.

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