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Slow speed - Vista/Kaspersky/No Firewall


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I'm having slow speeds while downloading torrents, first at all, 2 of my friends wich has the same provider has download speeds of 160 kB/s and raising sometime till 300 kB/s, and i'm stuck at 50-112 kB/s and it keep rising and lowering.

Os: Vista Home Premium 32 Bit

Anti virus: Kaspersky

Firewall: Windows firewall ( OFF )

Internet: Belgacom Go ( Belgium & supposed to be 12Mbps )

Speakeasy.net ( Download: 3738 kbps, Upload: 429kbps )

Speedtest.net ( Download: 3972 kb/s, Upload: 431 kb/s )

Using devolo dlan200 AVeasy start kit ( lan connection )

Current settings: Upload limit: 0

Connections per torrent: 50

Connections global: 200

Upload slots: 4

Encryption enabled, UPnP disabled, DHT disabled

Could anyone help me with these settings or the problem wich is causing these slow download speeds, Thanks !

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