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iPhone WebApp Finished. Torrent search, Push it to your WebGUI


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Hello everyone,

I just finished making a WebApp for the iPhone, so you can search for torrents and start downloading the torrents directly from the search results.


In order to use this WebApp, you must have your WebGUI enabled. Your WebGUI also needs to be accessable away from home (make sure your port is forwarded, and you know your home IP Address).

The first step is to provide your IP address and port. For example, xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:8080 (Do not include the http:// and do not include /gui/)

Your WebGUI url will be saved with a cookie to your iphone, so the next time you visit the site, you wont have to re-enter your URL (unless your IP address changes).

When you do a search, it uses isohunt to search for results, then sorts it by the most seeds. It shows 20 per page, with next and previous buttons at the bottom. When you click the blue icon to the right of the torrent, it will push the torrent url from isohunt directly to your uTorrent WebGUI interface and downloading will immediatly start. If your WebGUI is password protect, it will prompt you to enter your user/pass the first time you start downloading a torrent.

I also provided a link to a popular iphone utorrent interface so you can monitor the downloads and verify they are downloading.

I hope everyone enjoys this, I just made it cause I was tired of not being able to start downloads while I was away from home. And since the iPhone doesnt have copy and paste, it was always a pain trying to remember the torrent URL to add to the WebGUI.

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I made a lot of recent adjustments. The search results are now faster, more accurate, and if you click the title it now show the torrent details from isohunt.

I have also made some adjustments so the webgui IP and port is never saved or written in html on the page. The webgui cookie is only accessed via javascript when you click the link to start the download (for privacy).

I also have friends using this on their blackberry.

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Well I was asking, in as far as I knew, the "official" owner of the app/domain ;) If they're both for the same company, even better. If not, aware is forewarned. Thank you for the information on the certificate.

I can appreciate ingenuity in the face of restrictions (this a prime example), and I guess I never noticed how often I absent mindedly use the keybindings for copy/paste in my browser.

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Lord Alderaan.. does that iPhone API work? I couldn't find installation instructions for this.

I have to put something in the uTorrent AppData directory I believe. But do I have to replace the webui.zip? Do I unzip the webUI.zip? Where do the files from the iPhone.zip go? Do I leave it zipped?

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