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I am new to utorrent.I heard a lot about fast downloads from it from my friends but..... it cant get good download speeds

i have got a 512Kbps dsl connection

i get download speeds of about 44-60 KBps via http(using my browser)

but while using utorrent download speed rarely goes above 50

Do i need port forwarding??

I have a beetel 220bx modem+router connected via USB

the port which u torrent is using is open and accepts connections (checked by utorrent)

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It seems you don't have a 512 kilobits/second UPLOAD connection if you're never even topping 20 KB/sec upload speed!

Sounds more like your upload is only about 1/4 as fast as your download.

So yes, you should probably use the 128 or 160 kilobits/second setting instead.

Port forwarding is necessary if you can't get the green light in uTorrent.

net.max_halfopen really shouldn't be set higher than 8 if you're using USB and/or wireless networking.

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