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Utorrent keeps crashing

Week nie

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I don't know how or why, but utorrent keeps on crashing.

I'm using Utorrents latests stable version: 1.8.1 (atleast for as far as i know), with Vista Ultimate+ the latest avast and zone alarm.

There is no sign of it going to crash or something like that.

It just seems to crash randomly, but i don't like it...:P

Btw, I don't get any error from utorrent itself, but the process simply doesn't respond anymore (aka crashes)

I don't think there is any more relevant information, so i'll leave it to this.

I hope you guys know something about these crashes, or atleast can help me.

Great work anyway, i love the program:D


Week nie

P.S. if anyone knows a program that can stop any process any time (because vista doesn't seem able to stop the utorrent process when it's crashed), tell me, and i'll regard this problem solved

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