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nod32 + utorrent = dead router


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so this is propably something simple and already mentioned but since i am too retarded to find here it goes

eset internet security with nod32 3.667 business and utorrent 1.8.1 installed and working perfectly

no ports problems no browsing problems or anything else

exept every couple days or so internet goes down completely (lan still working) and i cant even access the router

so after couple of tries i just pull the plug and restart the router

everything works fine again for couple of days (or hours)

friend of mine had the same problem when installed nod32 so he immidietly went back the old 2.7 version something that i am unable to do since it doesnt have firewall. he mentioned that utorrent may cauze "utp flood" or something like that to the router

i understand that this may be a nod32 issue not a utorrent one but since it only happens when utorrent is dloading there must be a relation

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