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Optimum config for modem that has UPnP


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I am new to torrent downloads and using Utorrent app. Hope you can help.

I was downloading a small freeware multi file app to learn Utorrent configuration and how to use Utorrent, stopped it, next day restarted the torrent to finish it and the peers were almost non existent and download speed almost zero. Almost as tho. traffic was being blocked or port was blocked.

Is there a way to manually refresh the utorrent connections to peers etc.

I am on a slow 512k / 128 kbps plan and want to optimize utorrent set up for best DL speeds. I have the netcomm NB6+4W modem router that has UPnP which supports automatic port forwarding and my ISP has allocated me a static IP address. I am on WinXP. If modem has UPnP does the port number in utorrent matter and should I select "Select randon port at restart with a UPnP modem.

An online speed test shows DL speed 471 kbits/sec and UL speed 59 kbits/sec

Just want to know the settings that need to be changed from the default utorrent installation to best support peer and seed connections and get best UL and DL speeds with this modem UPnP modem.

Also if there is another torrent to download the same app and set of files, can you load that other torrent to continue downloading to the files downloaded with the first torrent or will the files corrupt.

Also do the peers and seeders you see linked in utorrent have to have the same torrent loaded for exchange to be possible.

If a torrent for an app is inactive can you load another active torrent for the same app to finish the download of the app

Also will utorrent queue and download multiple non torrent files?

Appreciate it if informed people have time to advise.

Thanks all at the site.

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