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uTorrent 1.8 using a lot of sys resources in Win XP 32-bit


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I have uTorrent 1.8.1 on 3 Win XP SP3 32-bit computers. After 10 minutes the uTorrent process consumes about 80% CPU and over 80MB (130-170MB of ram + VM after a few hours). It only queues 3 downloads at a time and runs on a fast enough computer (Pentium M 2Ghz w/ 2GB RAM is the slowest, others are Kentsfield and Conroe CPUs). AV suite is Eset Security 3.0 - tried to disable/exclude IMON equivalent.

It makes the computer unusable for web 2.0 browsing and other minute things. I've used older versions (1.5 and older) in the past and memory usage has never surpassed the double digits.

I believe uTorrent cache settings are automatic and enabled. I tried the trick for Vista OS where you manually set the cache size and disable Windows caching in uTorrent but I think that made it worse.

Is there someone with this version that has experienced this problem and knows how to make it run smoothly.

Thanks to all the developers and testers and anyone who can help

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