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µtorrent friendly Firewall .


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Hello People,

I am on Vista Ultimate and bought Kaspersky Antivirus with free Sunbelt Firewall . I have been having problems with OpenOffice and SlLackware test torrents not maxing out my connection so I got adviced to uninstall Sunbelt Firewall . My question is what is a good Firewall that is µtorrent friendly and also Kaspersky Antivirus compatible.

I have read that COMODO firewall is good but it is NOT Compatible with Kaspersky Antivirus and i have doubts about using Vista's Default firewall .

Any suggestions of a good Free Firewall that's compatible with Kaspersky Antivirus and µtorrent-friendly at the same time maybe ?

Thanks in advance .

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I know a guy who uses Sunbelt Kerio (old free version I mean) with Kaspersky on XP SP3 and he has no issues with uT (green icon, max DL/UL speeds).

Comodo is a good free one.

Glance at this FW challenge:


Anyway you need to search around the web about compatibility between one AV & one FW.

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Yep. The KFW module seems to be good as FW, maybe you can use it with KAV.

Anyway KIS 2009 (new version) has been reported here as a possible source of freezing with uTorrent.

So search in boards before to purchase this software.

There is too AVG, not bad like AV.

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