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Force Start on RSS Downloader


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A tick box in the RSS Downloader to use Force Start feature.

I have off peak Quota and a on peak download Quota. I have to use the scheduler to download everything in off peak usually, but I would like the option to force start of my favorite RSS torrents when they come up on the RSS feeds.

Utorrent is the best!

keep up the good work :)

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Yes Bypassing the scheduler preferences and start downloading straight away. Same as the Force start option.

Just need to add tick box Force Start

Ill try to explain a bit better

My ISP gives me unlimited downloads midnight till 7am. and i have 40 gig download all other times and free uploads all the time. My Scheduler is on Full Speed from midnight till 7am and Seeding only all other times

(oh that reminds me another feature request set Seeding only Speed on Scheduler im on ADSL and i have my upload speed lower when Im downloading. The option "Alternate Upload rate when not downloading" doesnt work with the scheduler when Seeding only is on if you have Downloads waiting).

I have 8 torrents waiting to Download. Its about 3pm and the RSS Downloader detects a new torrent adds it to the download List and waits according to the scheduler its my favorite torrent so i ticked the box "Give download highest priority" so its at the top of the list but its still waiting because of the scheduler. i could add a few hours to the scheduler during the day but then sometime the torrent comes out later and sometimes earlier. In that situation all the torrents will start downloading during the day for those few hours even when my favorite RSS torrent has finished.

If i had the Force Start option in the RSS Downloader. The favorite RSS torrent will Download as soon as its up and then start seeding. no waiting till midnight and im not using up my 40gig quota on other torrents which i want to download during the free off peak time if i had opened up the scheduler during the day.

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I'm dying for the feature.

I have 2 RSS feeds that post torrents around the midday that I want to start straight away and be ready for me after work, but at the same time I want the scheduler to take care of the rest of my queued torrents, downloading and seeding only during my ISP's offpeak time.

A fix I could think of is to have a checkbox/boolean value assigned to each torrent that allows it to "Ignore scheduling rules". That way you could configure an RSS feed to start all its torrents ignoring the scheduler and all would be well.

It's been argued in this thread: http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=5765 that simply making a "force start" rss option could be dangerous as it could start too many torrents at once. The above suggestion doesn't have this risk as the torrents that ignore the scheduler would not ignore the global download limits/etc.

I hope this is the correct thread for this discussion, I stumbled here via Google. Cheers.

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I need this option, because most of the sites I download from are too easy to seed on, and I don't want them to seed forever so I've set the global seed limit to 300%, but I would like to seed forever on my RSS feeds, and the only option now is to manually force start it. I have +1000 torrents and control it with the WebUI, and there's no easy way to find these torrents since you can't sort them by tracker...

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