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Automatically Stop/Remove Downloads or Close uTorrent?


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Hi all

First off, Hi, this is my first post here, nice to see you all.

Now, onto my query. Im looking to setup a 24/7 server PC that will handle all my downloading from RSS feeds aswell as all other downloading or anything that means I can turn my PC off. My plan is to have an automated proccess run every night that picks up completed downloads from the server and sticks them on my HTPC. Trouble is, this wont work if uTorrent is using the file (i.e. they are being seeded). Is there any way I can either:

a) automatically have completed (seeding) torrents stopped, ideally at a specified time rather than after they ahve finished, to allow them to be seeded.

B) have completed torrents removed from my downloads list at a specified time (hence stopping them being seeded/accessed)

c) close uTorrent at a specified time to free up the files?

Either of the solutions would work. Im sure there must be some way with a combination of scheduled tasks, batch files, and all sorts of other jiggery pokery.

I leave it in your capable hands.


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a) http://download.utorrent.com/utorrent-help.zip search for "seeding time is" (including the brackets), first hit: Queuing.

B) read some lines above

c) you mean including deletion of the files?

A scheduler is included in utorrent, command lines options (search the forums) are also included.

Just read the FAQ, help file, manuals, search the forums - and ask if you find no answer (don't ask without reading/searching).

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Well... I'm curious what kind of response you expected?? You don't see anything about "close program at X time" in the manual, but there is an app which tries to do exactly that on this forum called CloseApp.

As you say utilizing the scheduler in windows or your choice of scripted system, combined with that program will allow you to do this maintenance.

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