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Few peers even with green light


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I'm having problem connecting to a suitable number of peers on any given torrent. This is greatly affecting my DL speeds.

As an example I'm currently dl a torrent with over 900 seeds and over 1100 peers but yet I'm only connecting to 33 and 17 peers respectively.

Let me say that the port is open, uTorrent has the green light, and I have selected 200 peers per torrent. Why am I connecting to so few peers?

Can any one help?

Thank you,


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If the other peers/seeds have reached max connections, they won't let you connect to them.

If they're firewalled, you cannot connect to them.

If they've already left the torrent but the tracker and other peers/seeds still report them...not only can you not connect to them...then the reported numbers for peers/seeds will be higher than there really is -- possibly MUCH higher!

Even if you have a 100 megabit/second symmetric connection, you don't really need to connect to more than 50 connections per torrent.

You may have other (probably very serious) problems.

Maybe your connection is overloaded?

Is your upload equally crippled?

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