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Port forwarding through wireless router/adsl modem


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having all kinds of dramas trying to forward ports. I am running vista 32 .

I have a laptop with a wireless connection to a DIR 300 wireless router. This in turn connects to a Siemens speedstream adsl modem (which I think is also a router). I have tried everything to get ports forwarded on both but cannot get the green (or orange) light in utorrent.

I have been using utorrent for a year with no dramas until we went wireless with the dir 300. At the same time we changed our ISP and upgraded to a 1500/256 plan with TPG. I was previously on a 256/56 plan with optus.

I can still download but very slowly (average 10-20 KB/s down and spikes up to 80.

have been through all the guides on Portforward.com and googled for an answer. I have set up a static Ip and forwarded port for utorrent on both router/modem. i have pretty much changed every setting that anyone has mentioned and cannot get rid of the red alert icon.

Please help, torrents are now slower when I theoretically should be now 6x faster.

I also run AVG but firewall is disabled as is Windows firewall and firewall on both router and modem

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uploads are flying (for my connection anyway) at up to 40Kb/s .

I have now adjusted to your table and now an getting about 20 Kb/s each way.

I killed my connection last night stuffing with modems and routers so have had to do a fresh install of all, have forwarded ports as per port forward (all steps done exact) and still have closed port

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I have the exact same issue. I'm using Vista, I have latest version of uTorrent, i have a Siemens Speed Stream 4200 DSL modem and a D-Link 524 wireles router.

I have tried forwarding a port to both just as described in portforwarding.com but still, the port is not forwarded properly when it comes to testing it. Already created a static IP, configured firewalls all to no avail.

Getting the yellow triangle and speeds no higher than 10kb/s. I have tried everything on just about every forum/website on earth to the point where I must have stuffed up something major or used some dodgly advise as I totally killed my network.

I'm back online now but speeds are annoingly slow. Someone please help, I'm about to go nuts.

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Unplug your router and plug your computer directly into the modem. If you've previously set up a static IP, remove it and set everything back to automatic.

Do you get the green light now? If your computer is directly connected to the internet straight through the modem, and you're getting a green light, then you know the problem is with port forwarding with the router.

Afterwards: Instead of using static IP's and manual port forwards, try just enabling UPnP in both your router and uTorrent.

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im also running vista trying to get connections with a DIR-300 router. i'm getting max download at about 30kbp/s but averaging 25, my uploads are getting upto about 8kbp/s but only hold for a short while then drop out for some reason. ive set up a static ip and done the port forwarding but when checking my connection its telling me errors and only had a green sign for about 5 seconds and cannot get it back. I have also tried enabling upnp on both uT and router.

is there a chance the problem is with out DIR-300's? If anyone can confirm that it is, can they recommend an affordable alternative router?


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