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Slow download, but fast upload


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Hi guys,

Just recently installed and started using Utorrent. I have managed to d/l a few files successfully, although I have always had slow speed. Fastest I've seen is 30kb/s. I have a 1.5Mbit connection. I am using Vista over a wireless connection.

I have recently been tweaking my settings to try and improve the speed. I have followed the setup guide and I now have the green symbol and my port is open according to the check using speed guide. I have set my upload/download limits as per Switeck's speed table. I have allowed Utorrent in Windows firewall, and turned off AVG firewall as well as my routers firewall.

As I say I have the green light and my port is open. I am running close to my max upload speed (47Kb/s) on most torrents, but I can't get a decent download speed. I also never connect to more than 10 seeds/peers even when there are hundreds available eg 8(768).

I must be missing something obvious. Can anyone help a brother out?!


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Yeah, my upload from running the speed tests are 512kbit/s. At work just now so will try those downloads later on, thanks for the reply.

Ok, so I tried those torrents, and eventually managed a peak speed of 350, probably averaging around 200. But that was after I had to restart Utorrent about 5 times, and it was running with the yellow warning triangle. Plus I was only ever connected to 10 seeds at most. Seems really strange as I didn't change any settings.

Also when checking the port, somtimes it was showing OK, other showing that it wasn't open. Again I didn't change any settings anywhere. Could my ISP be creating the problems? I have already set encription to "enable".

**Had to edit this post as I was getting a double post error when trying to reply! Arghhhhhh!!**

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