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Internet cuts out! HELP!!!


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And you've used the Setup Guide and Speed Guide (ctrl-g) as a starting point right?

What settings are you using now? You shouldn't use much higher than xx/768 ... and especially lower if you have connectivity issues. If you check your WAN IP address on the router what does it say? I assume you've got ISP > modem > router > computer

In these instances can you login to your modem or not? And when it cuts out does a reset of the modem fix the problem?

Following the sticky on your own is the fastest way to help.

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2nd link in my signature gives alternate settings for uTorrent based on max upload.

900 kilobits/second upload is about the highest you could use without problems.

Thanks again, that makes alot of sense . Made things allot easier.

Can I run two computers at the same time with these settings?

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