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v1.4 no entry sign Proxy error: hostname not found


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I've read the faq about the no entry sign but either can't quite make sense of it or it doesnt really give a fix for this situation. I know my ports are open. Can anyone translate or tell me what I could do to fix it

What does the No Entry / No Entry sign mean on the torrent status icons?

No Entry indicates that µTorrent was not able to reach the tracker. It also shows when seeding as a green triangle pointing up with the No Entry sign on it. This could happen when the tracker goes offline, becomes overloaded, or when the domain simply doesn't exist anymore. Check Tracker Status on the General tab to see what the exact error message is.

In many cases, seeing this (especially if you see host not found in Tracker Status) and having DHT on but still having no peers to connect to may mean that you'll have to find another copy of the torrent on another tracker.

Proxy error: hostname not found

thanks in advance!

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forgot to mention this happens with torrents from multiple sites. shady to completely legal download sites, i doubt they were all busted at once. Also, no one from the sites Ive tried has reported the same problem. So, yeah, I read what it says too but it doesnt make sense. Could there be another explanation and how could I try to troubleshoot this.

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