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'ANY' Field in RSS Downloader


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So far, there are two options to selectively download torrents from one's RSS feeds:

1) 'Filter' only allows results when all entered terms are met.

2) 'Not' disallows results when any entered term is matched.

I propose an 'Any' field, which will only download torrents when *at least one* of the entered terms is matched.

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So, to do this properly, I'd use this page...


...and just keep the NOTs segregated in the lower field?

I don't have a problem juggling asterisks and pipes, but even a trip to µTorrent's FAQ for RSS doesn't quite yield what I'm looking for. I don't know how to integrate a Google-esque AND/OR/NOR/ETC. into this system. :(

An example:

1) The title of the torrent contains "My", "Little", and "Pony".

2) It must contain the terms "1080p" and "x264".

3) It may include "Xanana", "ZippityZoo", or "StankNasty".

4) It may not include "NumbGroin" or "CantEncodeProperly".

What would the leanest parameters for these conditions look like, if you don't mind my asking?

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