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How do i get the red circle to go green ?


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Some ISPs are firewalled at the server level, and there's nothing you can do about it to get your "green".

If the torrent you're downloading has thin traffic and most of the peers aren't showing up, here's a trick which has always worked for me (by "always", I mean I have always eventually been able to complete the torrent):

* If the .torrent file is DHT-enabled (i.e., "public"), open it up in "BEncode torrent Editor" and add a few popular "open" trackers if the ones it has are dead or obscure (see the Trackers list in uTorrent). Skip this step if the torrent is not public.

* Post the new torrent file to a popular public site, using a not-stupid name containing all the important keywords that other users would search for. This will result in a huge influx of new peers, typically ten times as many as there were previously. If you get a warning that the torrent already exists, try altering the order of the listed trackers in the torrent file, then repost (this trick will work for at least ONE major site).

Good luck.

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