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download speeds and ports


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im pretty much of a noob so forgive me if ask stupid questions.:P

my network status was a yellow triangle but was producing download rates that fluctuated between 10 and 130 kB/s. however when i forwarded the ports : 6881-6889 on my belkin router the network status thing went to the green circle to indicate everything was ok but now the download rate never rises above 30 kB/s. when i do the speed guide it says the current port is 64365 and i forwarded that into my router but when i click the test port button it says the port is not open. i thried changing it to 6881 just to see what happened but still no luck. can anybody tell me how to open these ports properly? and any other suggestions to increase my download speeds are welcome

ps - im using a 1mb connection

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Your modem may need to be configured as well!

www.portforward.com ROUTERS section lists modems with mini-routers and firewalls in them...and tells how to configure them for uTorrent.

Many antivirus/antispyware software now also contains software firewalls that need to be configured or disabled.

To configure uTorrent's speed settings, 2nd link in my signature...these are based on your connection's max sustainable upload speed/bandwidth, which is likely far lower than 1 megabit/second (your supposed max download bandwidth).

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