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Using New Firewall/ Antivirus


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Hi Everyone,,,

I'm on Vista and used to have Sunbelt firewall and Kaspersky antivirus . When i tried the OpenOffice torrents to test my speed i couldn't max out . i was adviced to uninstall Suneblt firewall and was told Kaspersky crashes µtorrent. So i removed both and now i have Pc Tools firewall Plus and bought Norton Antivirus.

Now when i test Slackware their trackers go offline ( i have DHT Disabled to be able to browse while µtorrent is running) and OpenOffice does not max out my downloads. I have ADSL 4 Mbps down and 512Kbps up.

The only place i can max out my downloads is from Vuze's portal ( and all peers i connect to when downloading are using azureus), but when i try and download heavily seeded torrents to test it goes slow even after waiting for some time .

Everything is set up according to µtorrent's speed guide, and i always get the green icon in µtorrent but howcome the only place i get full speed is from Vuze website ?

Any ideas or suggestions about this matter ?

Thanks in advance...

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First thanks,,

I did try with the vista's default firewall but i didn't max out in OpenOffice test torrents and as you know windows firewall isn't much of a decent firewall :)

As for the antivirus i'll look into it ,,

I just hope i can download fast from everywhere not just from Vuze's content .

Alright, thanks .

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