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[uTorrent 1.4] Internal (Hidden?) download cap based on upload?


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As it is, I'm now running 1.3 and will have to stay at that,....

This is exactly what I said in another thread. Just use a previous version thats not too buggy b4 the upload/download cap if the cap is so much of an issue. I know that versions b4 the cap dont have some features that was added later. But, after all, the main purpose of a BitTorrent client is to upload/download data. Period.

Me, I could use and still be satisfied.

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its more like a lot of ordinary folks work their asses of (uploading/downloading everyone in tens kbytes) while there's a couple of people on top who get to reap all the benefits :) (fat download speed)

I've got news for you, it's even WORSE than that.

Having a HUGE download speed means little if you don't tweak the client...and don't run the most "leechy" ones.

µTorrent is good in a fair torrent environment. However public torrents are often not very fair environments:


...this poster will probably have to switch to BitComet to have a reasonable chance of completing the torrent at all. µTorrent just sucks too badly.

Or worse yet, how about this:


from this thread:


Getting nearly 3,000 KB/sec download and only giving back 14 KB/sec upload at the time of the screenshot.

The download speed limiter here would have no effect on these scenarios either way, because the other clients are BitComet not µTorrent.

µTorrent's automatic choker for slow transfers may make the download speed limiter a moot point. It is already implimented, enabled by default, and cannot be disabled in advanced settings.

How the choker works:

If someone's uploading slowly to you, they may be choked (actually snubbed) and not uploaded back to (even though they're giving something to you) because it's a waste of upload bandwidth. This means slow uploaders will go from getting little download speed back from other peers to NONE if they use too many upload slots and/or run too many torrents at once! Because it will be automatic, there won't be a way to abuse it so it's fair to all. This will also serve to make the download speed limiter unneccessary, as it may eliminate slow uploaders entirely. They can connect to the torrent, but almost nobody will give them anything (except via optimistic unchoke) -- even OTHER slow uploaders!

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