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Red download icon - Unable to download


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I've read and checked the guides but the problem is still there. It started 2 days ago without any reason at all with all the download icons turning red without download or upload speeds. I have the modem connected directly with the computer. No routers involved.

Things i've done:

Close my antivirus (nod32) and disable the windows firewall.

Uninstalled utorrent, downloaded the 1.8.1 from utorrent.com and installed again

Read the Beginners guide and connection setup guide from http://www.utorrent.com/guides.php. Tried all the steps without changes...

Tried changing the port number (numbers from 45000-60000)

Checked my download/upload speeds at speedtest.net. The result was 3023 kbs / 243 kbs. Direct link http://www.speedtest.net/result/359925438.png.

I tried the following setups at preferences>bandwith:

>Upload limit to 20, Download limit to 350, Global maximum number of connections 750, Maximum number of peers connected per torrent: 100

>Upload limit to 0, Download limit to 0, Global maximum number of connections 750, Maximum number of peers connected per torrent: 100

The tracker tab looks like this for most of the torrents: (this one is from the last naruto episode...)

Name Status Update In Seeds Peers Downloaded

[DHT] not allowed

[Local Peer Discovery] not allowed

[Peer Exchange] not allowed

http://t.dattebayo.com:6969/announce offline (timed out) updating...

I dont have any trouble for direct downloads or browing with Mozilla.

If someone could help me out with this i would appreaciate it very much.


EDIT: I just download bitcomet and installed it but the speed with this program is at around 1-5 kBs -.- Not sure if it helps you guys...

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Your ISP (Fibertel in Argentina?) probably throttles BitTorrent traffic.

Barring that, your international links probably are really bad...so upload/download speeds to distant ips probably stink even if your local speeds are good.

1st and 2nd links in my signature...for more minor help.

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My normal download speed goes from 100 kBs to 300 kBs max depending on the torrent but this time it simply doesnt download anything... at first i thought it was a temporary thing but it is the third day already. =(

Been using utorrent for over 3 years never had any trouble... thats why i thought it might be something of my computer and not of the internet provider.

EDIT: I mean how come all the torrents im trying to download have their trackers offlline.. someone help plz

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