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Port forward problem and red light.


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I have exactly the same problem like jbulldog255.

- Port (38715) has been set as forwarded in router settings.

- Router-Settings has been applyed and should be fully working.

- I have a Netgear WPN824 he worked well in the past. That problem started just a few days ago.

- Router's SPI Firewall is activated. No Software-Firewall on Pc. Windows Firewall is deactivated.

- utorrent gives "Red Light" and utorrent port checker says "Error! Port 38715 does not appear to be open."

On my PC, my LAN IP is set to automatically get the IP and my router is set to give him the IP that I specified in the router's address reservation. That worked out quite well in the past. I don't think there's a problem here.

Maybe it's my router messing up with something after all? I dunno.

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