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Seeds not connecting/slow downloads


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Could be that Comcast rolled sandvining out to different areas at different times, and they just got around to rolling it out in your neighborhood. Either way, if you're using Comcast, all bets are off when it comes to connection to other peers, and speeds.

By the way, is there any reason you have your upload rate limited to 10KiB/s? That can be a factor contributing to slow download rates (BitTorrent is a tit-for-tat based protocol, so the more you upload, the more likely you'll be "rewarded" by other peers with bandwidth reciprocation).

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I try to upload as much as I can but I lowered the speed to see if that was affecting my settings, which I don't believe it is but I was trying to narrow it down.

I'm assuming it's some Comcast issue but it wasn't always this was, but I wasn't always on uTorrent as much as I have been recently.

As far as you can tell my settings are reasonable?

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I have the same problem and it is a recent thing - uTorrent used to be lightning fast ... now I frequently get this :

Seeds Peers

0 (6674) 2 (21918)

That was this morning for [READ ANNOUNCEMENT]. In the past they came in at great speeds (up to 600 kbps). My settings have not changed at all.

Any idea why it has slowed down so drastically ??

B.t.w. : I am not on Comcast, and I also don't know how to insert a jpg into this reply which is why I cannot show the settings scrren

Thank you for your help,


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