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in my opinion utorrent has a good scheduler, but

as i will be changing to ADSL 16Mb with only unlimited traffic between 1 and 8 am

and i need to run some programs (mainly ed2k for some very specific things)

i would like to know if anyone knows a good scheduler that not only starts up a

program at a predetermined time but also closes the program at another time.

schedulers that just start programs i know about.

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Does the Windows task manager close tasks? I don't think so, maybe I'm wrong.

In the past what I've done to close tasks on the command line (I used it on a hotkey) was this process killing app. (It closes processes gracefully as well as killing them.)

process -q utorrent.exe

would be the code you have to run to close µTorrent, assuming you've named it utorrent.exe.

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