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Utorrent and proxy server


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hey there, i was hoping someone could help me with this problem

I have a reasonably cheap computer and we have wifi at my house so i was going to get a wifi dongle for it, but then i heard i could use my itouch as a wifi adapter. so i set it up and i sets it up as a proxy server, then for web browsing i have to set up socks5 server in firefoxs preferences. i was wondering if there was a way to do this on utorrent, i found something in network prefs in utorrent but that didnt work. help much apreciated!

btw: sorry if this doesnt make sense but im kind of confused myself!

EDIT: sorry about that, i typed the address wrong, i got the 7 and the 2 the wrong way round! it works now! but while im here i may as well ask: ive forwarded ports before and they worked find, now when i set a port in utorrent, then forward that port on my router, reboot the router and do the port test in utorrent, it still says it is closed! what gives?

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