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Peer selection and downloading


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I've got a perfectly set up XP system with uTorrent (v1.3 and 1.4), NAT works like a champ, with 20KB of my upstream reserved for uploads (Comcast 4M/384k).

As I've got an XP box, the iLife 06 files are useless to me, but the torrent has one characteristic that struck me as interesting, in that there's over 10,000 leechers as I type this, with about 20 seeds, and the file is a large 6GB.

As I understand the Torrent process, the 20 seeds will try to get peers to evenly distribute the file parts, and then share among themselves.

After 2 days, I'm currently sitting with a share ratio of 2.003, with 16% of the file complete.

uTorrent stopped responding sometime today, and when I started it back up I was able to "make up" ground at tolerable (if a little slow) rates of ~70k/sec.

Looking at the peer list, we're all at 16%, every last one of us. It's like my uTorrent is more interested in getting a torrent spread out than it is getting it downloaded. This theory is further supported since I'm currently uploading at 22k/sec, and not downloading at all.

Something's up with the logic here...

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if all people is at same downloaded rate, it means the seeders are really slow or have some problem with the files.

is not utorrent's fault u are not downloading anything since the other peers in the swarm doenst have pieces that u need as u all have the same completed pieces, however as people try and get the file starting from 0% its obvious that your upload will go up to those persons.

i wanna know what u mean by 20 seeds? it means u are connected to 20 seeds? or the tracker is reporting 20 seeds even if u havent connected to any, sometimes tracker say bad peer reporting (I have a few torrents that claim 24 seeders even if there is only 2 or 3 i can connect with)

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It was 20 seeds reported by the tracker, the number steadily increasing day over day.

I don't accept that 10,000+ hosts all have exact the same pieces when new seeds are appearing.

At the _very least_ the anti-snubbing algorithm would stop uploading (except for optimistic unchoking), and I'd get new peers with parts I don't have within the tracker update time.

If that were the case, I wouldn't have a ratio of over 2:1 and be 16% done.

I'm not pointing fingers here or tearing down uTorrent, I'm reporting a bug.

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