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hi all

im new to here and i have d/loaded 100's a gig a stuff but ive allways struggled to to get a decent upload

i have a decent conn 0f 20meg if there are a few seeders i can get a avg of 200 to 500 kbs sec every day once i got a 1.3mps ... time is 20.20 on 22 nov d/loading at 280kbs

4 files d/loading not many seeders online too which i know you cant control d/load speeds as its other peeps settings that slow that and also amount of peeps d/loading

my isp is virgin (uk) and a recent test i d/loaded 15899kbps uploaded 732kbps

but my uploads are a bit slowish i can never get above 85kbs either 1 file or 15 files all added up i can never get above the magic 85 mark i have treid the settings set by a mod in another thread think the name was switeck ??? sorry if name wrong gone of memory

from what they said they getting 200kbs i think thats 2mbs ( im not pc elitarate)

so im a bit lost now of what i can try :(

p.s forgot to say im useing norton 360

kindest regards mick

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