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IPFilter virtual memory size


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enable/disable ipfilter.dat 100+ times in µTorrent you'll know the problem. i know nobody do this, but if someone update ipfilter.dat everyday and reload it in µTorrent everyday, he may get the windows complaining about "Your virtual memory is not sufficient".

my ipfilter.dat contains 83045 entries(5605K size), each time i enabled ipfilter i got 6636K virtual memory increase, and 1028K decrease when disabled. so after enable/disable 100+ times i got 560800+K virtual memory(in TaskManager/ProcessExplorer) for µTorrent.

another ipfilter problem, µTorrent did not block UDP outgoing to those blocked IPs, thats DHT traffic. you can confirm that with ipfilter.dat and PeerGuardian. it's nothing about security, the peer can get your DHT announce, but he cant connect to you.

it's a minor bug, noone reloads ipfilter so often, just a note to those who ban leechers using ipfilter, do not reload ipfilter too often, restart µTorrent after ipfilter modified to reduce VM usage.

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