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When my DL goes above 4MB/s then the Write Cache starts filling up even if I disable it.

And once the DL speed reaches 6MB/s uTorrent was using almost 500MB cache and the swap file which is set to 1000MB also gets full.

Why is this happening?

uTorrent 177

P3 1 GHz


80GB HDD where Windows 2003, Programs and Swap file reside.

320GB HDD which is used for uTorrent almost explicitly

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the cache settings are at the default.

I have just installed the encapsulated uTorrent 181 and started to download a Torrent with 2000 seeders and when the speed came to 7MB/s uTorrent was at max using about 50MB of RAM.

So I guess the issue is fixed in latest uTorrent

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