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Roll over uTorrent sys tray icon and see ALL individual torrents


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Did a search but came up empty for this topic...

In BitComet (BC) (I hate referring to this client because this is uTorrent but you gotta admit BC has some pretty cool features that should be emulated... witness the new "BC" style add torrent dialog), anyways... whenever you roll over the BC icon in the system tray you see ALL the torrents you are downloading or seeding and their INDIVIDUAL up & down speeds. In uTorrent, all you see is the cumulative up & down speeds.

Possible in the future to enable a feature that allows you do this in UT? This way if you want to know if "XYZ" torrent has actually started or if seeding properly you don't have to open UT's main GUI but just roll over UT's system tray (notification area) icon and you can see all of your active torrents in one shot and see what the heck they are doing.

I always thought that was real cool and it's now the only thing I miss from BC.

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