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Blocking a particular peer manually


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create a file called ipfilter.dat in your %AppData%\utorrent\ directory

the format is:

first_ip - last_ip

That being said, just because someone isn't sending to you, doesn't mean they aren't sending their balls off to someone else in the swarm.

It's best if end users don't go monkeying with blocking folks though unless you're a crochety-old-bastard-sysadmin type like me.

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It's more work then should be needed by using Ipfilter. You'll have to either restart the program or turn the option off then back on for it to read that file again as well. Would be nice if ut had a 'right click, kick and ban' like azureus does. Either perm or for session would be fine.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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