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BitTorrent Won't Start Downloading...


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Hey, firstly, I apologise if I've done something glaringly obviously wrong, but I am a torrent noob who has seen the light after losing his iTunes to limewire (had to wipe harddrive!) Anyways, I've got BitTorrent 6.1.2 and was hoping to download a fair bit of music on it, however the 2 albums i've got the torrents for and set to download have simply gone into Inactive and do nothing when I click start. It all seems a bit...dead? I'm sure I must've missed a step on the setup or something? It just hasnt started downloading at all. I;ve tried force download etc. but nothing seems to be responding... can anyone help me please? Will be eternally grateful!

Also Sorry if there's a similar thread posted near- I tried to find one before posting this thread.

Thanks in advance!



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