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Torrents Disappeared


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I've had uTorrent for over a year w/ no problems.

I put my computer into Hibernate last night, with uTorrent open. When i woke it up this morning, all of the torrents disappeared from the main window. All of the sections in the category list show 0.

The actual files are still on my hard drive, but they are gone form uTorrent itself. I know i can just go the the tracker sight and re-download the .torrent file, but this would eliminate my rations which i keep track of.

Does anyone have any ideas on how i can solve this? or prevent it form occurring again?



uTorrent 1.8.1

thanx in advance for any help

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The reason I specifically ask about zonealarm is that it is confirmed to cause problems with uTorrent's normal close cycles. It honestly sounds like the resume files got corrupted.

If you re-download the torrents, I would recommend that you follow the migration guide to re-load them.

Enable bt.graceful_shutdown in advanced preferences.

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