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Speed Problem on Several Antiviruses .


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Hello Everyone,

I have been having speed problems lately with not maxing out my download speed with OpenOffice test torrents using several Antiviruses on Vista. I started with kaspersky Antivirus but was told it crashes µtorrent or something, then i bought Norton antivirus which wasn't a good decision. I was adviced to try Avira Antivirus but when i tried it i couldn't install it correctly it couldn't update the definitions.

I looked for help online but it was no use.

So my question is there any Good Antiviruses for Vista-32bit (of course )that run well with µtorrent 1.8.1 besides Avira maybe ?

Thanks in advance ...

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Don't install AVG's e-mail scanner, it might still be broke :(

Of those two choices I'd go with avast!, I use COMODO AntiVirus but until I see a review on how well it catches viruses, I wouldn't recommend it to anybody who expects to run into lots of viruses.

Norton is just horribly, I recently removed a dysfunctional (from expiration?) copy of 2005 from a computer I was working on, performance improved greatly. I hope you removed it by removal tool, otherwise garbage may be left over: http://service1.symantec.com/Support/tsgeninfo.nsf/docid/2005033108162039

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