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Link between CURRENT DL Speed and CURRENT UL speed?


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Hey guys,

Been using various apps since the early days of emule etc, so generally ok with this stuff.

Settings and speed details have been set as per the manual, and are running as expected.

My query is this...

To save space on my laptop HD, when a torrent has downloaded I move the downloaded file to my NAS, and remove them from the laptop.

1. With system Speed settings set in the app, is the Current download speed *being used*, proportional to the current upload speed *being used*?

For instance, should I leave my files available for upload (though without a difficult-to-get-invite-only torrent group, I dont think the share ratio's are stored / used?), allowing "more current use" of the available upload speed, therefore giving an increase in current download speed?

2. Is it possible to set the "Download Torrents to..." directory (currently local on my laptop), but have a "Make shared files available from..." another directory, which in my case would be on my NAS?

Thanks! :)

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Apologies for the ... indirect answer. Download is not ensured, but based upon your upload. Aggregate upload. Among all the peers you are uploading to. If you make many upload slots for many torrents it is as bad as little uploads for 1 torrent. The "magic" number you should shoot for best download:upload speed is divide your sustained upload limit (for your uT, which is usually 80% of your theoretical speedtest maximum... taking into account ISP interference) so that EACH upload slot gets between 3 and 5 KiBps. This is the "sweet spot" where those who CAN, DO (give you what you want.. i.e. better downloads). Sure due to the way most connections are asymmetric and SLOW on the upload pipe, this may mean variability, MUCH MORE variability than desired on anything but the largest swarms. But it does allow you to see really how few connections you need to max your connection.

1) If you don't want the torrents to possibly interfere anymore than possible set the queue settings lower globally for all and manually change the torrents you "need" ratio for, or the reverse... whichever is easier.

2) Ctrl-P > Directories ? Press F1 in the main uT window to open the user manual to learn more.

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On my NAS, I have multiple folders - i.e Our Movies, Our TV Shows, Our Music etc.

As I dont intend to be a leech - im more than haapy to share my downloaded stuff.


If I download a movie, then "Move on completion" the movie and the .torrent to "Our Movies" on the NAS, I can set this folder and share those files (and the .torrent files I used to download them) fine, presumably.

However, what if I then download and move a Music file (and its .torrent) to "Our Music" on the NAS? Basically, can I add multiple locations to share from?

OR will uT scan all sub-folders - allowing me to make the top level NAS available, then it'll find all files and .torrents in folders beneath that?

I'd be using the original .torrent files I download, to save having to manually create .torrent files.

<strikeThrough> If I do open the root of my NAS, (assuming that'd work) can I EXCLUDE folders that have stuff I dont want to share </strikeThrough>

Ahh! just realised - I believe I'm right in thinking that uT will only share files with an associated .torrent file? Maybe a "Duh!" moment, but can some one just confirm....

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Torrenting does not have a "shared folder". You only share what you download, what you want to upload. You are correct :D To learn about HOW to accomplish this, I would recommend pressing F1 in the main uT window, to open the manual, and learn about the label system :D

You can tell uTorrent to help you "sort" your data folders with the aid of labels... you give it the root, utilize the "append label to directory name" option, and then it has the full path you use, without you having to set the data folder individually (within reason).

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Sorry to ask more questions - thanks for your help!

Just found this on another thread:

"You can set folders to download to a SUBFOLDER under your download folder by checking the option "append label". "


If I made the root of my NAS "shared", then set up persistant "labels" matching my existing subfolders "Our Movies" , "Our Music" etc - then enabled "append label" - if then I selected the label "Our Movies" for a downloading / new movie, would it move it to my exitsing "NAS/Our Movies" folder?

Would be very cool if it did!

BTW - set my downloads to move to "Nas\MoveMe" (a folder which I mapped to K:) "on completion", but none of them moved, even though their finnished? I recall the "Seed untill x%" setting somewhere - is it waiting for this before moving them?

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You can always try a very low values for those seed values, like ignore time, and a 1% share ratio... to test.

Honestly, I don't know much about this, but I DO KNOW from other reports apparently the "completed" balloon happens before move operations are completed... Look at your LAN usage and local and NAS folders before trying to delete/manage things.

So what does Ctrl-P > Directories look like for you?

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Here's what I have:

Put new downloads in... e:\ (Local drive partition)

Move Completed downloads to... K:\ (Mapped "MoveMe" folder on NAS)

Store .torrents in...e:\Torrents

Move .torrents for finnished downloads to : K:\ (Keep .torrents with completed files for seeding)

The idea of the "MoveMe" folder on the NAS is to move them to the NAS on completion, then manually move them into "Our Music", "Our Movies" etc manually - faster than direct from local.

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