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Speed was fine but now slow.


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recently all my torrents were downloading at a fine speed. 100kb/s-300kb/s. and now the max they download at is around 30kb/s. Let me explain. It happened after changing modems...had another modem provisioned by TWC. I changed modems for my 360 gaming. after I did that. my torrents had been downloading slow. So I changed back to my previous modem. and it is still slow. i've tried everything. tried various youtube "make utorrent 1.8.1 faster" tutorials. but none worked. i've gone through everything on the forums and still slow downloads. I also want to mention. before when it was downloading fine...while utorrent was open and torrents were active and I was online gaming on my 360 there would be no lag. and now since this slow download problem occured. everytime utorrent is active I would get severe lagging in my gaming.

these are the current settings:





- my status light is green(port forwarded properly)

- my "net.max_halfopen" is set to 8

- Windows XP

- I have Norton Protection but all firewall is off(Windows & Norton)

- Zyxel X-550 router

- Time Warner Cable service provider

- cable connection

- speed test results: down=718Kb/s up=115Kb/s

and here's my computer specifications:

Intel Pentium 4 3GHz, 1gb RAM

I have same problem on my wireless laptop as well which is 4gb RAM

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I don't see any mention of encryption settings...if your ISP cripples BitTorrent traffic, using encryption is a must -- and sometimes even more (even VPN!) is needed.

Your upload bandwidth max is rock-bottom for a "broadband" connection, so uTorrent trying to use >50% of it will probably have very noticeable effects if trying to run realtime games at the same time. :(

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