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Vista x64 Freezing with Bittorrent Clients


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Hi All,

I've been having troubles with Bittorrent clients since I purchased my new computer running Vista x64 in Sept. Upon starting any bittorrent client, the computer will continue to run normally for anywhere from 30 seconds to 4 hours (somewhat depending on how active I am on the computer... gaming can go on for hours before a freeze while watching a dvd stops it right away), then, without any sort of error sound / message / warning, the whole machine simply freezes (not even mouse and/or keyboard input works) forcing me to either wait the 30 minutes to 2 hours for the thing to reset itself or to hard reset the machine. All of this is accompanied by absolutely no error messages or events relating to the lockup, aside from the computer noting that the previous shutdown wasn't expected after a hard reset.

Now I know this is a Vista x64 problem, because of the research I've done and because of the fact that its affected all clients I've tried in the same way. I was able to get the whole mess working for about two weeks by updating the network adapter cards (Marvell Yukon 88E8056 on ASUS Rampage Formula Motherboard) from the Sept. 2007 versions to the current Oct. 2008 versions. Unfortunately, the freezing problem has returned as of this week. The odd part about the return is that there were no new installations, no updates to windows or any other drivers, and BitDefender has found zero viruses on 4 separate scans so far.

So I'm really looking for what might be causing the new freezing problem (drivers are still the same as when it worked) or other ways around the problem. Going to another version of windows isn't really an option as I like Vista for everything else, and I've got 4GB of ram so I do need the x64. Also, I've noticed this problem is almost never resolved (at least in all of the threads I've found), so I'm curious if there is even a way to really correct this problem.

Thanks for any help,


PS: I have tried reducing the number of connections, and the programs freeze even with just one connection each way.

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i can confirm that torrents are crashing vista 64 , ive stress tested my machine and all components , ive also proved the issue by removing all torrent programs , machine is fine without , the issue seems to be related to the network , too many seeds and peers are one of the suggestions and if you cap the incoming connections to 50 it supposedly works fine , this is a recent issue , never had it before , whether its the isp's or an incompatibility i wouldnt like to say , but ive given up on using torrents for the time being as its a royal pain in the butt , often requireing hard reset of computer , (total freeze)

my machine is specced as follows:

DFI lanparty UTX48 T2R

Core 2 E8400 @ 3.6ghz (stable) - SI128 thermalright cooler

OCZ reaper 2x2gb @ 1066mhz 5-5-5-15 2.1v

WD raptor maindrive + several storage drives

Gainward 4870 with T-Rad2 cooler

vista ultimate retail 64bit + sp1

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You do any testing on your NIC? ... updates for the drivers? How are you getting internet. You hit the nail on the head... uTorrent can't freeze your computer directly, it has to do it indirectly by exposing a vulnerability elsewhere (usually network related). x64 NIC drivers don't seem to have improved since the push started years ago.

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ok found out that it might possibly be a dud harddrive , havent reinstalled utorrent yet but will keep you updated , so far the signs are good though , ditched the dodgy harddrive which even though it wasnt the main o/s one , i used alot to store files on , odd that it would cause a lockup/freeze but i guess if its on its way out and the cpu trys to write to it with no luck it would produce the symptoms described

strikes me the poster of this thread possibly has the same issue , id suggest testing your hard drives , just because its not the o/s one doesnt mean it cant cause this issue , also i could run games fine too as they use the o/s drive , maybe utorrent uses multiple drives if avialable? , also i know torrenting is stressful to h/d's

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I've got the same issue, but it didn't happen until I upgraded to Vista so I don't think it's my HDD.

I'm using the network adapter on my 780i MoBo and was thinking that may be the issue but I'm begining to believe this is another one of MS's "security features" like the IP Limit. The more connections I allow to my computer the faster it happens, but without fail, always happens.

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I just lowered my global connection limit from 50 to 30

Max of 10 total connections per torrent, 5 seeds

3 Total active torrents.

When I was running XP my limit was set to thousand's though and it ran fine all day long =/

I'll post again if it freezes up again.

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This particular freezing problem occurred to me when I installed BitDefender internet security 2009. There were no problems what so ever when I used Vista´s firewall and Windows defender.

Maybe there is a setting in BitDefender that solve this odd problem?

I would recommend for all of you that´s using a non windows firewall to uninstall this and see if it helps.

For the notice I have Vista 64x as well.

// Danne


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