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Slow torrent/connection


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Hi there,

I always had a problem while downloading torrents, and while looking by there, I found something new.

When I download a torrent, it goes very slow (30Ko/s a top speed, with 2000 seed or more). For my connection, this is very slow, and moreover, downloading torrent slow down my connection, which lead to a 3/4sec ping on every internet application (browser...). That means I can't do nothing while downloading torrent at 20Ko/s, but my connection can easily go to 200Ko/sin "normal" time.

I read the "Common Procedure" of this forum, and I found this:

Try testing a torrent from OpenOffice.org, Slackware Linux, or Ubuntu Linux? (If any of them run quickly, then the problems you're experiencing likely lie only with the swarm)

I just tried OpenOffice, and the download speed went up to 140Ko/s! I never saw that before! So, I guess I have problem with the "swarm", but since English isn't my language, and I'm not an expert in µtorrent, I don't really know how to solve this probem...

And also, I have two PC linked to the same internet connection, and while one of these (PC A) can download a torrent at a speed of 100Ko/sec, the other (and always the same, PC B) will not go over 30Ko/sec. On PC A, almost any torrent can be downloaded with a 100Ko/sec speed, but on PC B, the OpenOffice torrent was the first one...


Edit: Ok, I just understand what a swarm is. But on the same torrent, PC A (also with µtorrent) can goes up to 150Ko/sec, while PC B won't go over 30Ko/sec.

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