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Slow transfer rate based on direction of IP connection


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Hopefully I am just missing something basic.

I have very slow transfer rates when the direction of the IP connection to a peer is incoming. When I initiate a connection to a peer, either to seed or leech, I can max out my internet connection. However, when I have an incoming IP connection, the transfer is extremely small. I have gotten to the point where I have made myself not connectable to force all my peer connections to be outgoing.

I have search all over to find a clue as to why this might be occurring. Any help would be appreciated.

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Charter ISP definitely does some messing with BitTorrent traffic.

Exactly what, I'm not sure...

In tests I did with someone on Charter, they couldn't upload to me faster than 30 KB/sec...normally less than 15 KB/sec.

Incoming connections are likely NOT encrypted unless you uncheck "allow legacy connections" in the BitTorrent, Encryption section of preferences.

I'm sure automated hardware could detect your uTorrent's listening port...with all the inbound connections to it. So once that is know, it could throttle all connections to your inbound listening port.

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Thanks for the responses.

I have already enabled forced encryption on both incoming and outgoing connections.

I have changed the listening port several times, no difference noted.

Like I said, if the IP connection is outgoing, I can max out my upload rate on my ISP pipe. I have to figure something is up with my ISP (Charter).

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