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µTorrent 1.9 alpha 15380


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hello ppl.. am the new kid in the block.. i ve a doubt... can i only download and not upload in utorrent? wel or temme how to stop uploading or minimize it.. cos i have a paid net connection and if a 600mb file is downloaded more than 1gb is uploaded.. can any kind user help me.. my mail ID is arvicupid@gmail.com

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Neronut: it marks releases published in the last 24 hours. This was available in the previous RSS style view. BTW, I found three issues on this preliminary test-build, that does seem to fix/improve the issue with obeying of the upload limit :

* all download limits do not work properly

* RSS view clears sometimes when selecting "all feeds" and double-clicking a release (to download). The focus on "all feed" - vanishes.

* handling/downloading from more than 150-200 peers (2 torrents) - feels like degrading the speed performance.

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The overhead is gone! thank you! However I do not understand why do i have 40k download on an already finished torrent! (upload rate was around 300k on that torrent) and sometimes my download skyrockets to 20 megabit (max) then in a splitsecond it goes back on idle. But overall the client eats less cpu, and transfer rates increased dramatically for me compared to the last version!

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problem #1:

download speed limit bug (already reported...) example:

max DL speed - ~180K. UL limit: 12K (tested with OpenOffice)

calc_overhead= true

max peers 200/1000 per-torrent/global

1 torrent DL - 100(1600)/10(700) s/p - ~ 130-140KB (below but close to the maximum possible)

when we just add one more torrents - it drops:

#1 - ~90K 90(1600)/16(700)

#2 - ~20K 80(1600)/20(600)

stopping #2 - and #1 goes back to ~130-140K. The thing is - we should not see any effect of #2 on #1...


problem #2:

setup double-click to perform download command

- select "all feeds"

- doble-click//download some releases. Once in a while - the selection-highlight from all-feeds - vanishes and the view is being totally clears.

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Still, a problem with the Upload limiter. it seems it is unstable , and deviates much from the set value. In my case - I set it to 12K (out of the poor 22K I have...). With two torrents and about 250 connected peers , I measure it externally, it's low values starting at about 15-16K and it deviates from time to time to 19-22K . It seems it's not flat/stable enough and can sill slow down the other Internet activities. Also The overhear can be tuned a bit higher.

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hmm... I'll need to re-install it. I'll try

here you go (capture + screen shot): http://www.zshare.net/download/53075624ce6b22ca/


.. and my conclusions:

w/o PEX:

* with "5" - TCP only - it behaves well. under the UL limit and does not exceed the limit much also on netmeter (~1K)


* with "10" - uTP only - speed oscillate a bit more around the limit, and gets 2-4K more on netmeter (@130K DL). Some math adjustments - might help.


putting PEX on:

in my case of low UL in my connection (22K) - it definitely kills the speed (@ 250 peers) when peeking the netmeter UL to this limit and cutting off the DL speed.



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