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µTorrent 1.9 alpha 15380


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I'm still having this wacky issue with the download measurement with build 13885 - its measuring the downloaded data in GB instead of MB.

Same here. Now my stats are all screwed up, I hope that is not permanent?

war59312 wrote:

IPv6 is disabled via:

war59312 wrote:



Yet uTorrent says IPv6 is installed on the logger tab.

If this key (check the bit order to verify that IPv6 and/or Teredo is disabled) is set than uTorrent should not report anything about IPv6 and the activate IPv6/Teredo button should be disabled too.

uTorrent reports that IPv6 is installed if "::1" resolves. It prints the Teredo address if an adapter is found with a Teredo address. uTorrent does not consider that registry setting, and will not. If you don't want IPv6 you should uninstall it from the Network Connections properties in the Control Panel.

In Vista, you can not do that. :(

That's why I recommended checking the registry bits.

Anyhow, I commented out "::1 localhost" from host file so no more IPv6 reported then?

no still responds to pings.. :(

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I'd just like to note that the two latest builds work quite well on my line with no upload cap, capping upload causes slow upload :<

Can also browse quite well, at this upload speed my connection should be crap. When downloading, upload throttles down a lot, and nets me a great download speed while uploading slower then what I usually cap at for downloads.

...but I seed most of the time so :3

Upload 60 KB/s | µTorrent uploading at 53 KB/s (was counting almost 60 KB/s with calc_overhead turned on, previous build though).

Download ~830-840 KB/s

Normally cap 40 KB/s to 47 KB/s using 1.8.1.

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*** µTorrent Crash Report ***

Build: 3203656 (13910) built on Fri Oct 10 09:05:50 2008

Exception C0000005 at 7C9118E9


EAX: 4BE0AFFC EBX: 000003F8 ECX: 00340178 EDX: 00CB0008

ESI: 00CB0040 EDI: 00340000 EBP: 015CFBC0 ESP: 015CFBAC

EIP: 7C9118E9 EFLAGS: 00010293

Bytes at CS:EIP:

66 3B 58 F8 76 98 8B 00 EB 90 66 89 56 02 EB E9 8B CF C1 E1 02 3B C1 0F

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alus , we in Russia make a ReTracker system - this system work with torrent Pather and add costom announce in torrent - that announce use for track local seed , we make this system because most of ISP connect us to Internet by VPN and LPD didn work in uTorrent also , if uTorrent may support plugins we can write plugin who add costom announce in torrent without any costom programs

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