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µTorrent 1.9 alpha 15380


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it means that for 84K upload uTorrent use 12K overhead using the uTP protocol (if he is not mistaken) . Things you can probably do:

1. measure this with some external tool (see if it calculated it right or wrong)

2. set net.calc_overhear to false, see if this made it calculate this so ...

3. turn uTP off (see first post) and see if my theory was correct... ;)

I'm sure your efforts Will be much appreciated by the devs... :)

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KSU, calc_overhead should make the limits you've set - be obeyed better. I think it should also display more currently the real traffic-rate (including overhead). So, not *seeing* this DL rate, does not mean it doesn't exist ... ;)

1. measuring with an external tool - will give you indication of what is really the rate out there (and not just closing your eyes/viewer...)

2. when you switch to TCP (yes, stop and restart the torrent) , you can see which is better (less overhead...). They might be similar ...

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rafi, thanks. I realize not showing up and not occurring are two different things. I just wanted to check that all the d/l was due to the overhead.

As for efficiency, I'm seeing about 4kB/s d/l overhead to maintain a 70kB/s upload with TCP and about 13kB/s d/l overhead to maintain 90kB/s upload with uTP.

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so, it's bad news for uTP ... at least calc_overhead is more or less correct... I hope for download tasks uTP is more efficiant... the claim is that uTP is better with not blocking your other Internet traffic on your PC. I'm not sure it's so with this Alfa ( yet... ) at least on my poor 1500/150 connection...

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Total # of connections - seems strange...

(I'm not sure this is the place for this issue, since it may concert 1.9 as well, so feel free to move it. )

I have set as maximum connections (for this test) - 300 per torrent and 900 overall .

- When I download one torrent - it gets to about ~220 connections (max DLs Q = 1)



- Then I set the max DLs Q to 2 - and activate another download

- at this point I expect to have double the amount of total connections, but - after a while, this is what I get:



The total remains the same - ~200 or ~100 per torrent.

What can be the problem ? some kind of bug ?

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More info: 1 upload slot per connection (was recommended due to low upload capacity)

XP sp2 TCP/IP patch to 100

originally posted at the 1.8.2 thread (tested with 1.8.2)

yes there might be some external limitation , I just don't know what it is . Can you guys test for not having such symptoms ?

I'll try one more test - limit the download to 50K and see

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I tried the CPU @ 100% build, and it's working perfectly, except I now see the issue that everyone else is seeing...

Holy mother of overhead uTP! Why on EARTH is the overhead on uTP that big? It's not being counted by uTorrents limiter, but it still detects it. So I see myself uploading at 10kb/s when I'm limited at 50kb/s, asking myself why - then realising that the 40kb/s of upload speed missing is being used almost entirely by uTP overhead...

I don't want to set overhead to false, because I genuinely want uTorrent to stick to 50kb/s upload max. But only uploading at 10kb/s when the rest is being taken by overhead is just devastating to download speeds. If I disable uTP, I get maybe 10kb/s overhead, and 40kb/s genuine upload.

There has to be a way to reduce the massive overhead it's producing...

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