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just switched to utorrent. please help with speed problems


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Any help would be appreciated. Just moved from bittorrent. I have some questions. using AT&T Uverse VDSL. I've got a wireless dell xps running behind a home network (1 other desktop) 2wire 3800HGV-B router with ports forwarded (I read utorrent doesn't use UDP, correct) I dont't seem to get many seeds out of the listed group ( like 9 out of 38 would be a good average). I noticed that IPv6 encryption loads and i connect to Teredo (which i swear i never installed) in the log. I use windows firewall with utorrent program exception checked and the port open (for some reason in the advanced tab on wireless properties teredo is the only service enabled and it is set to udp on port 3544, is this ok) Also, my speed test shows 700-900 kbps upload which they say is 37% faster than my hosts average but I get 1400 kbps download which they say is 49% less than my hosts average. I rarely get a highly seeded download up to 80 KB/s. mostly around 35 KB/s. I've done the isp throttle test. It came out good. I've used the speed test recommended settings. anything else I'm missing?

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